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Don’t Cheat Children With Unskilled Writing

It’s wonderful that so many people today want to write books. But I keep running into the peculiar situation of books written by people who don’t think writing matters. They write all types of books but mostly picture books because the word count is short, and the words are simple. They think that means they are fast and easy to write. Professional children’s book authors have learned to craft a story that a young child can fully understand and be entertained by. Between the writing and the pictures, every element of the craft of writing is in the book. As in all writing, strong, simple, verbs are the key but never more so than with children’s books. Because children’s book authors are limited in what words they can use every word has to be the perfect one. You can’t have anything unnecessary in the book. There is no one in the world who understands the craft of writing who doesn’t realize writing children’s books isn’t easy. However certain people don’t understand that. They will hi…
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My take on writing professionally is yes, it’s a craft and anyone can learn it. However, in order for anyone to write at the level of a professional writer, they have to do the same things professional writers do. Most people who want to write books refuse to do those things. Two of the most important ones are learning the craft of writing and actually writing. To me, it stands to reason if you want to write a book, you’ll learn the craft of writing and then sit down and write or hire a ghostwriter. Apparently, that doesn’t seem reasonable to a lot of people. And that’s why nonwriters are always ready to teach writers about writing. After all, they know so much more about it than writers do. In fact, here are some weird and wacky things nonwriters have told me over the years: 1. I know advances can be low on the first three books, but once I write the fourth one, I’ll be set for life. How many writers do you personally know who seem set for life? And, unless you actually know Stephen …

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