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Blogging the Ghostwriting Way

Blogs are a cost-effective marketing tool, offering wide-ranging benefits for your business.  Some of those benefits are:
•It targets your audience •Hustles traffic to your website •It can switch that traffic into leads •It authenticates your expertise •It helps search engines index your site with significant industry keywords •It cultivates trust with visitors, converting them into customers •It informs, updates, and educates visitors about your profession or business and the benefits you offer So, you can see, blogging is a big deal. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time, the writing skills or the SEO knowledge needed to create a successful blog. No problem just hire a ghostwriter or should we say ghostblogger. A ghostblogger can compose engaging content in your voice and style that checks off all the points you want to cover. To get the best Ghostwriter for your blog and to get the best from them be prepared to: ·Employ a blogger with a style that suits your business and brand ·pay…
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The 6 Best Reasons to Write Your Memoir

“It is not my deeds that I write down, it is myself, my essence.” Montaigne
There are many reasons for writing a memoir. Have you ever thought of writing or hiring a ghostwriter to write a book about your own personal experiences—your life? If so, here are 6 great reasons to write your memoir: 1.Tell Your Story Whether you write your memoir are you're an author using a ghostwriter to do it, either way, you are telling your story your way. No one can do that but you.  Even if you hire a ghostwriter to create your memoir they will still write in your tone, in your voice. Your memoir is your version, your own perspective of what happened in your life. And you have every right to share that with the world.  2.Get to know your Inner-self When we tell other people about our lives we end up reminding ourselves of: •How capable we are of •The strength of our spirit •The things we’ve overcome •What we really want in life
Memories can be murky, fragmented, and as tangled as old Christmas tree lights …

Will AI Writers Hit the NY Times Bestselling List

It may seem incredible that machines that humans have to code can mimic the complex creativeness of poetry or fiction writing. However, when a group of researchers input numerous images matched with human-written descriptions and poems into a computer, it understood the algorithm associations between pictures, text, patterns of imagery, rhymes, and verbiage, and how colors and images convey emotions and metaphors. But, when the AI then wrote a poem about an image, the outcome wasn’t a brilliant piece of work at all. Its poem wasn't cohesive. It didn't make sense.
People keep trying to get AI to write creatively. But, when it comes to creative writing AI doesn’t know how to put things together.  Of course, pretty much anything is possible with ongoing advancements in technology. And, AI makes a great writer assistant by:
·Proofreading ·Checking for Plagiarism ·Evaluating Content Quality ·Scanning and Summarizing Content
Even now writing by AI is used in journalism. The Associated Pr…